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Our VISION is to bring REVIVAL To the nations of the world, AS WELL AS to OUR LOCAL AREA. It is the desire of this Apostolic & PROPHETIC Revival ministry to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ by establishing His Kingdom in the hearts and lives of His people. This is accomplished as people discover the truth about TRUE Intimacy with God and this truth is imparted as a tangible reality in their lives.

In order to fulfill thIS vision, the Lord has raised UP This MINISTRY. THIS is not "Church As Usual", but IS vibrant and alive, drawing in hungry & thirsty people, WHO KNOW that there is MORE to God than what they have experienced. The vast majority of God's people just "sit in church" year after year and have never really had a truly intimate relationship with Father God, THE Lord Jesus Christ & THE HOLY SPIRIT. There are also many, many believers who no longer even go to "church", because of hurts, offenses and hypocrisy they have experienced in the Corporate Body of Christ. Deep down, people know that "there has to be more to God than this".

The lORD HAS developed THIS Revival Ministry THROUGH 5 YEARS OF Intensive Prophetic Worship services WHICH HE instilled in US FROM 1998-2003. CURRENTLY, we HAVE BEGUN MONDAY NIGHT WORSHIP SERVICES, AWAITING THE TIME WE CAN MOVE INTO OUR OWN BUILDING TO BEGIN NUMEROUS WEEKLY REVIVAL SERVICES LOCALLY. ONCE HE ACCOMPLISHES THIS, OUR VISION IS TO expand to 7 nights each week. tHEN the Vision will be extended to ongoing Worship services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

THE LORD IS looking for those that have a heart for Revival & desire to be immersed into intimate worship in God. The vision God has given has even greater steps of action that will be shared at a later time.